Stand Up

Welcome to "Stand Up."

This new magazine will help you understand different points of view on a variety of subjects. The 2016–2017 edition takes on the controversial topic of abortion.

What do you really know about this provocative topic?

Informative articles and personal stories cover themes often glossed over in today’s discussions:

  • Do you know scientific facts about in utero development and the surgical aspects of abortion?
  • Can you break down common themes exchanged in abortion discussions today?
  • Do you understand options, such as adoption, for women who do not elect abortion?
  • Can you stand up for racial equality in discussions about abortion? Did you know this could even be a concern?
  • Are you aware there are several types of chemical abortion techniques?
  • And so much more.

Without solid information on this difficult issue, how will you make a decision for yourself or be prepared to discuss it with others?

“Stand Up” might stretch you or confirm your beliefs. It asks tough questions and presents information you may not have heard before.