Best decision ever.

Finding out I was pregnant was not the magical moment I envisioned it to be. I tried to convince myself that terminating the pregnancy was the best decision for the child.

I researched the abortion pill, decided that was the method I was going to use, and made my appointment. After being called back to the room, I was briefed on the pills, given information on what to expect, took the first dose and left.

All at once it hit me that I had just made the worst decision ever, but I had no idea what to do. I jumped on my computer and found a site for help reversing the pill. The lady who answered gathered information and provided me the number of a doctor who would be able to help. The progesterone treatment was a success and months later I welcomed my perfectly healthy baby girl to the world.

Not following through with the abortion pill has been a tremendous blessing. My little girl is the joy of my life and I truly don’t know what I would do without her. I am so thankful God placed people in my path who were able to make sure my little angel had a chance at life.


It may not be too late to


If you have taken the abortion pill and have changed your mind,
please call the Abortion Pill Reversal nursing team immediately:
24/7 patient line
office: 619-577-0997